Amanda Haas

Licensed Massage Therapist

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I'm Amanda Haas, wonderful to meet you!

I'd like to tell you a little about myself and my journey to become a licensed massage therapist. Massage has called to me for as long as I can remember, and I truly believe this is what I was born to do. I like to think that my job as a massage therapist is to light up my clients' lives, and the goal I make for every massage I give is to really turn my customers' day around and make it the very best I can.

I am extremely passionate about my profession and devote as much time as possible toward making sure I that I'm staying up to date on skills and techniques to provide the best experience to my clients. I never use shortcuts and give my full effort in every massage I do, ensuring that my customers receive the full amount of time that they pay for.

I want to provide as comfortable an environment as possible; some customers choose a completely silent massage in order to relax and escape, and others love to talk during their massage if anything is weighing on them or they need to vent. Either way, I am here for you the entire session! I've been told that I am very easy to talk to, and love to pass along my positive outlook on life to my clients.

My journey to get where I am has had many ups and downs, but has been worth every moment! In 2018 while being pregnant with my first son, I attended the New York institute of Massage. In the fall of that year, I walked across the stage during graduation very proud of myself for making it through an extremely tough year. Since then, nothing has stopped me from making my dreams a reality. Pushing through my coursework and seeing clients for clinic hours after school and on the weekend was the best way for me to learn new techniques for massage and gain experience with the different modalities taught during the courses. After graduating, I passed the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEX) followed by the New York Massage Therapy Licensing Exam. Over the course of my career I've gained over 1500 hours of experience and worked for the last 4 years as a massage therapist at several local massage spas, strengthening my skills and putting my best foot forward for my customers.

I've always wanted to make sure that I made time for my family life in addition to my career, and I found that the evening hours allow me to do both! An added benefit is that my customers get a peaceful, restful night's sleep after their massage, leaving them feeling refreshed and ready to start the day when they wake up. When getting a massage during the day, many of my clients would limit the restorative effects of their massage by going back to work, or home to cook dinner and take care of the kids. I thought, "Why get a massage during the day when the stressful events aren't over with?" Evening time is the best time to get the ultimate relaxation and deep sleep, and late hours help all the customers who can't get away from work or other responsibilities during the day for an appointment!

I want you to feel at home and make sure every visit is memorable. Book with me today and put your stress to rest!

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